Welcome! I Have an Internet Corner!

Hi! I’m Sherlock. I’m a parent and I have WAY too many hobbies. This blog will be following me on my many crafty, cooking, and other miscellaneous adventures.

Things you will see on this blog:

  • Crochet and knitting:
    • I would call these my main hobbies. I’m OK at it, but my goal this year is to hone my basic skills and work on things that challenge me. I especially like making small things with steel crochet hooks.
  • Sewing
    • I don’t REALLY know how to sew. I can do a couple of hand stitches. However, I want to learn to sew. Especially since my kids have gotten into SCA. This is great as it exposes them to history and why you shouldn’t drink too much.
  • Embroidery
    • My mom has an enormous talent for embroidery. I want to do this as well. GO!
  • KPop
    • Seriously. I love Kpop and Dramas. Don’t hate.
  • Jewelry making
    • I’m going back to my teenage roots to make all the jewelry. You’ll see.
  • Me being very confused
    • This happens a lot. Don’t be alarmed.
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • More cats
  • Me getting my life together at least a little bit
    • I’ve been disabled for many years. However, I’m done being depressed and not getting anything done. So let’s watch me fall and get back up again.
  • Me cooking messily
  • Gaming
    • I actually love gaming. I’ll probably talk about the things I do or the things I want to do. Unfortunately my computer has decided running games sucks, so I’ve been having to only game on my brand new PS4 and one game (Fallout 4)