Family Pets (Under Super Construction!)

If you read the Welcome page, you noticed that you will see cats and dogs here.

A lot.

So I figured I would give you a primer into the pets you will see. Oh boy.

At Our House


Penny was basically thrown at my parents so my Mother would stop crying when her dog Bear died. Bear was a bad ass. Penny thinks she is a bad ass, but is not. Instead of attaching herself to my Mom, she decided that she would attach herself to my Step Dad, Harry. She’s a mess with or without him.

Gee Gee:

Oh goodness. We raised Geege from a puppy and I named her after the song Gee by Girls Generation. She’s half chihuahua and god only knows what else. Despite being raised by us from such a young age, she is weird as hell. She likes to bite ankles and calves. She will take off my socks.

Ares (or Dumas):

Ares, or as we lovingly call him, Dumas. My cousin’s dog that my Mom figured we needed. We love him. He’s hilarious. He’s the most popular person on my Instagram because he looks dumb and crazy. He throws his water bucked at me. He steals the blankets. But he loves everyone.


Lily is my Mom’s cat. You won’t see her much. She’s cute but she really only likes my Mom. That’s good. She needed a pet that loves her.

Cookie (Dough or Lyon):

Oh, y’all will love this. Cookie was dumped at a local convenience store. We got her home, and thanks to Harry, she got out the dog door and was just gone. I found her three months later, half out from under the house, and almost dead. So my 10 year old took over and nursed her back to health. She named her Cookie Dough, but she has the attitude of Cookie Lyon (Empire). So that’s why I love her.


After Oscar died, I wanted another dog. I got Claptrap instead. Totally feral to the sweetest dog. I’m not kidding. She thinks she’s a dog. You will see lots of her because she loves me. I don’t get it either.

At Granny’s


Alex was found outside in my Grandparent’s yard. My 10 year old comes in “LOOK GRANNY! I FOUND A WILD CAT!” the whole time this kitten is purring. He’s big, and I house sit so you will see him a bit. Enjoy. He’s adorable and weird.


Smoky was the cat of my Granny’s friend. She was declawed, but don’t let that fool you. This fat cat will bite the shit out of you.