You Want to Know Me!?

So you have read the “Welcome” page and you are totally confused. That’s OK. So am I. So I figure I can talk about me (a great hobby!) and you can still be confused.

I was born Kara, but thanks to the best nickname, I am Sherlock. Yes it will be my legal name, and no I am not that smart. I am transgender bordering on gender queer which really explains the name. I won’t really talk about that here but I feel it’s important to know.

I have three kids, all over the age of 10. They all love crafts and are generally smarter than me.

73661_455155865867_3239197_nMy Dad got me into gaming from a very young age. He’s an RPG guy. So am I. I remember having my own games for Atari and Coleco Vision (The Smurfs!). He had these great little tapes that were like adventure games. He played a little D&D and AD&D. He loves strategy games. I still remember his detailed maps of dungeons and towns and his rules for RPGS.

“You have to talk to everyone. Talk to them more than once. Talk to them again after you get a real answer from someone else.” – My Dad

This is why it takes me 3902489203 hours to play games

I generally enjoy such games as Borderlands, The Elder Scrolls series, FALLOUT (I love Fallout). I only recently started acquiring games again. I am very behind on games plus not having a computer that plays some of the games I have. I will eventually have a twitch channel.

I play a lot of games on my phone. I also have a PS4 (thank you Dad!) so I’ve been playing Fallout 4. Check out where you can find me on the “Contact” page.

I have a love of birds and dogs, but somehow we always end up with cats.

Here comes the fun stuff. I’m disabled. Along with some very severe anxiety problems and ADHD, I have Psoriatic Arthritis. This was misdiagnosed throughout my 20’s (don’t even get me started about my teens) as Fibromialgia which made it much harder to get proper care for my disorder. I also suffer from very severe insomnia which has to be controlled with medication. But not Ambien. No Ambien Walrus.


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