Addicting Games Wednesday 

I love video games. Like, from the time I could hold a controller, I’ve been playing games. I mean, it helps that my dad is a gamer.

I like all kinds of games. And by all kinds, I mean nearly everything.

My two newest addictions are Line Play and Neko Atsume.

God’s gift to cat lovers.

If you aren’t playing Neko Atsume you need to get it. Right now.

How can a very non-interactive games be fun? All you do in this game is feed the cats, place stuff for them to lay on, and take pictures. WHY IS THIS FUN?

Tubbs. Probably Tubbs.

Sometimes, they also bring you “Mementos”, which are dirty things that cats would
probably legit bring you.

Now, there are a few things I wish you could do. The first is a little more background customization and more places to put stuff. For the customization there are different scenes. But I wish you could add things to the backgrounds and have more backgrounds.

My biggest thing would be making your own kitty that could visit and greet others.

Like YOU wouldn’t go to your friends house, but sometimes you would log on and a friends cat would be lounging with the other cats.

I think it would be cute. All your friends play this anyway.

So just come play the game.





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