Resolutions and Goals. I Guess. 

One of my goals for this year is to hone some of my basic skills. Like making something that has clean and even stitches. I’m reluctant to call these “resolutions” since my brain likes to snub it’s nose at the mere idea of them.

I want to go back to basics. Make some knitted and crocheted dish cloths and work my way up to new and advanced techniques.

A few weeks ago I was browsing one of the Facebook crochet groups, and someone posted their crocheted hook holder. It was pretty spiffy and even included homemade stitch markers. After fiddling with things to make over the last few days, I decided it would be nice to have one of my own.

And where do you go if you want to look up patterns or get ideas?


After searching through Ravelry, I found a few ideas I liked. SO I decided to merge two.

The primary pattern, simply called Crochet Hook Case. It has some swanky pockets and I like the idea of just sliding the hooks into loops and keeping the big hooks in the pocket thingie.

The second pattern I came across, also called Crochet Hook Case, was chosen because I liked the cross stitch fox and the ties were cute. Seriously. That’s it.

As I was looking, I realized what a great pattern to get into my goal of honing my skills. This is mostly single crochet, and the pocket will add a little more interest to the piece.

And while I more than likely won’t be crocheting a fox, I have plenty of time to plan that out. But let’s be honest, it will probably be Sailor Moon.


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