The Annoying Parts of Knitting 

Ah. The Beekeeper’s Quilt. The most majestic of majestic patterns. It’s the pattern you swear you won’t pay for but give in because you want to make it part of your bohemian, eclectic hippy cave.

I gave in too. I have this nice vintage acrylic yarn in various pinks and roses that I dreamed about knitting up into small hexagons, that had a beautiful variegated pattern and occasional embroidery.  I piddled around and last week, FINALLY cast on, and found that the yarn was too small.

I don’t mean small. I mean TINY. Size 0 needles.


I’m just not physically up to maneuvering teeny needles and tiny yarn.

So here I am at my Grandparents doing some house sitting and I decide I’ll just make it out of some Red Heart Super Saver. I mean, why not l?

You know you see this atrocity.

And so I come to “Knitting Annoyances”. For me, it’s loose stitches. Especially if all the other stitches are uniform and ONE DAMN stitch puffs out at the bottom. OK. Two stitches.

Now it’s 1am and I should be asleep. But here I am watching The Red Road and  staring at the very bottom part of a hexipuff.

And while I pushed through and am like, two rounds to being done with this puff, I’m still obsessing about that weird puffy bump at the bottom.


So here is what I’ve started with:

  • The most enormous hank of Red Heart Super Saver in powder blue
  • 4.5mm (7? IDK!) knitting needles. Three of them.
  • Fiber fill
  • Some scissors.
  • Netfix and Hulu.

I’m going to try some different sizes of needles and different shapes. You guys will get to see all the bad attempts until I find one I like. I think I want to make it entirely with Caron in a rainbow. Because I can.

Well, I can, but I can’t afford it. So maybe I’ll start picking up colors. Caron is just so soft and I can throw it in the wash.



2 thoughts on “The Annoying Parts of Knitting 

  1. I want to cast on a Beekeeper’s Quilt but I’m afraid I’ll get frustrated with it and never finish it and end up with hundreds of hexipuffs all over the house haha


    1. Hahahaha. I totally understand this feeling. With the yarn I wanted to use, it would have made thousands of them. Just the thought gave me anxiety. Plus the cats and dogs running off with them… I can just see finding them all over the place and half eaten. I would cry.


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